Scenario: To generate user defined field that permit the users to fill in more information.

Step 1: Go to (C:) --> Program Files --> AutoCount --> Accounting 1.9 (If you are using AutoCount 1.8, choose Accounting 1.8) --> then look for Studio.exe file

Step 2: A login page will prompt out after you select Studio.exe file. Select account book and login using correct ID and password.

Step 3: You will be directed to the page with only modules list above. Highlight Tools, then select User Defined Field.

Step 4: Select target modules that wish to have more criteria to be filled in. Then click on Maintain Fields

Step 5: Click on Add icon to add user defined field

Step 6: Fill in the information for User Defined Field. Click on OK once you have filled in all the information.

Step 7: Then click on Save to complete the User Defined Field process.

When you access to the target module, a User Defined Field has been added which allow you to fill in more information/details.