Nowaday, other accounting software users basically generate their double entries from general journal system while recording double entries related to both debtors and creditors.

In AutoCount accounting however, only the normal account and some special account (except for Debtor and Creditor control account) can be applied instead of all the accounts that created from G/L Maintenance. We understood this have burdened some of the AutoCount accounting users.

Therefore, we attach the following scenario as references.

Scenario: Supplier (inter company) help your corporation to pay general expenses.

As those expenses are paid by your inter company not yourself, we:

Debit Expenses and Credit Supplier (inter company)

However, from Journal Entry, both Debtor and Creditor account are disabled from account selection.

Hence, this entry are needed to be recorded from A/P Debit Note.

From A/P Debit Note select the supplier (inter company) that help you to pay the general expenses. Then select the expenses account that settled by inter company for that date.


The system will directly recognize the target transaction as one of the journal as long as 'Is Debit Journal' is ticked.

Therefore, we need to tick Is Debit Journal since the transaction is that the expenses were paid by supplier (inter company).

However, if we receive debit note that requested for extra charges from our supplier, un-tick 'Is Debit Journal'.