Scenario: Configuring Sage UBS/Sage Payroll data needed to be backup.

Note: Users should complete action stated from 'Configuration of Ask4DBBackup System - Settings' before proceeding to the below steps.

Step 1: Click on 'Open' to begin searching UBS file location.

Step 2: Therefore select the folder with all UBS data stored and connected with server itself (Default location is C: --> UBSACC2015/UBSSTK2015/UBSPAY90)


If users moved UBS folder to another location and these folder are used to link with system then use the folder (used  

to link with system) as the target location.

The location set should look like screenshot attached below

Step 3: Select the database needed to be backup by Ask4DBBackup system by ticking the box. Then select 'Save All'.

Step 4: UBS data backup configuration is complete. When PC time hit backup time set from Ask4DBBackup system all the selected UBS data will be automatically backup by system.

Additional Function(s)

Backup All: This function allow the users to backup the data immediately using Ask4DBBackup without reaching backup time set.

Step 1: To do this, users need to select the all the UBS & Payroll data to backup, followed by selecting 'Backup All' to proceed.

Step 2: Data backup process will begin once they click on 'Backup All'. Users will receive the following message if the process has been successfully completed and will receive the data been backup from Ask4DBBackup system. Please be noted that backup file they received will be in ZIP format.

End of Manual for 'Configuration of Ask4DBBackup System - Data (Sage UBS & Sage Payroll)