Scenario: Install Ask4DBBackup Program

Step 1:

Run the program installer by double clicking Ask4DBBackup Installer file (file named 'AskUBSSetupProject.msi')

Step 2:

System will prompt out setup wizard window of Ask4DBBackup program installation. Click on 'Next' to proceed.

Step 3:

User(s) are required to read and accept all the terms and conditions stated from End-User License Agreement. Tick the box of 'I accept the terms in the License Agreement' and click on Next if you are agreed with all the terms and conditions stated.

Step 4: 

The default pathway to store Ask4DBBackup program file is C: --> Program Files (X86) --> Ask4DBBackup. User(s) may change the pathway to store its file by selecting 'Change' (Make sure your current drive is sufficient to carry its file)/

Step 5:

You are ready to install the Ask4DBBackup program. Click on 'Install' to begin installation process, or click on Back to re-check the detail.

Step 6:

User(s) will be requested to input the username and password. Input your email and password, followed by clicking on Next to complete the installation process.

Step 7:

The user name and password introduced are correct. Click on 'OK' to finish the installation.

Step 8:

An installation of Ask4DBBackup program is complete. Click on Finish to close the wizard.


1. User(s) must register themselves before installing Ask4DBBackup program.

2. For product registration, it can be done through the following pathway:

- Contact Ask4Key office number (03-92014477) or;

- Drop their email request to

3. An email related to Ask4DBBackup account info will be sent to users' email once they have done their registration. In the event user(s) didn't receive any email after registration, kindly request from our administrator.

4. Installation of Ask4DBBackup program shall be done from server/PC standalone only.

5. User name is the email used for product registration.

6. Single user name and password can be applied in single machine (PC) only. User(s) are not allowed to use the single user name registered on multiple machine (PC).