Issue: Unable to login due to error message Login failed. Incorrect password. Inner Exception Message: Login failed for user 'sa', even though correct ID and password were introduced.

Step 1: From File Explorer go to Window (C:) --> Program Files --> AutoCount --> Select Accounting file to be troubleshooted (e.g. Accounting 1.9 to troubleshoot login problem for AutoCount Accounting 1.9). Then look for file named 'ResetAccountingConfiguration.exe' and double click on it.

Step 2: You will be requested to key in password for re-configuring AutoCount entire database. Key in 'autocountworld' to proceed the re-configuration.


Your re-configuration is successful and are able to login the AutoCount with correct ID and password. However, all your previous data will be lost. To avoid the above issue after re-configuration we strongly advise all the users to have their backup file owned before they do re-configuration.

Way to recover database after re-configuration of AutoCount:

(i) Direct data recovery using the backup file (For standalone PC)

Go to Tools --> Restore --> Choose either Restore the data in this PC or Restore the data in any PC. Then click on Next --> choose your backup file for data recovery and click on Finish.


(ii) Recover database by attach the account book from server PC (For client PC that uses server PC's attached account book).

Go to File --> Manage Account Book --> Attach Account Book --> Select target server, and choose account book to be recovered. Then press OK.