Install the Software Image

1. Log in on the GigaVUE H Series node to be updated as an admin user and switch to Configure mode.

2. Use the image fetch command to retrieve the software image from your file server.


For example, the following command uses tftp to retrieve the hdd53xx image from the builds folder on


(config) # image fetch tftp hdd53xx.img

The CLI shows you the progress of the image fetch with a series of hash marks, returning you to the system prompt when complete.

3. Use the image install command to install the downloaded image file. For example, to install the image downloaded in the previous step: 

(config) # image install hdd53xx.img

4. The next step is to tell the GigaVUE H Series node which node image to load at the next system boot. The GigaVUE H Series node has two partitions, each of which has a separate image installed. When you install a new image, it automatically installs on the “next” partition – the one you are not using now. The image boot next command tells the GigaVUE H Series node to boot from the next partition after the one currently booted – the one where you just installed the new image:

(config) # image boot next

5. Save the current configuration with the following command:

(config) # write mem