1. Backup Database. 

2. Deactivate Sage Payroll License in old server.

3.Install Sage Payroll in new server. 

4.Set Server IP address in Sage Payroll.

Control Panel > Setting > Payroll License Setting.

At Server IP Address box , enter IP address for new server.

At Port No. , enter Sage Payroll Port (8900,8901,8902,8903,8904) By default port number is 8900. Then Click "Save" button at right bottom of the screen.

5. Open Sage Port in Firewall. Make sure all Sage Port is enable.(Allow)

Your must allow access to following port : 8900,8901,8902,8903,8904 .

6.If The server has any security protection suite (Antivirus,etc ..) please exclude the following folder.

All this folder is inside C:/ drive. 




7.Create New Company. 

Enter Company name , then click next. and then next again.

Then proceed by click at Start Button.

New company was created.