1. Removable device taking too long to encrypt and decrypt (more than 2 hours).
    [Solution] Laptop need to be plug to power source during encryption/decryption task.

  2. Encryption status "no encryption policies specified" when using removable device encryption.
    [Answer] For successful encryption status, it should be “comply with encryption” for successful encryption roll out. This is by design, only FDE/FLE will have encryption status changed. In this case it is expected that encryption status of the host remains "no encryption policy specified", as removable drives are not "tied" to a specific hosts and can travel around any devices and can be encrypted and/or decrypted independently.

  3. Sending memory trace data to Technical Support.
    [Solution] Open KES local console on client > click Support > System tracing > Enable tracing > replicate the issues > Disable the tracing, (trace file will be created) > goto C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab and look for ENC1 type file > copy the trace file and submit to Kaspersky Lab Support.

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