1. Before we sent the invitation email, you need to provide the email address.

2. We will send the invitation email to join the WebEx meeting.

3. Open the email and click Join button to join the meeting.

4. Enter your Display Name, Email Address and click Join As Guest.

5. Click Add WebEx to Chrome and add the extension. 

6. Now you join the meeting. Later, after you join the meeting, we will grant you as the presenter.

7. After we grant you as a presenter, Right-click your display name to change your role to Presenter.

8. Now you become the Presenter.

9. Now click the Share Screen to let us see your Desktop Screen.

10. Now we will send to you a request for Remote Control your Desktop. Please Click Approve.

11. Now we will control your Desktop and do a troubleshoot the issue.

12. After we were done do the troubleshoot, you can stop the sharing by click Stop Sharing and End the Meeting.