Please note that we offer auto daily or weekly backup application for SAGE UBS Accounting, Billing & Inventory and Payroll. Multiple companies data can be scheduled for backup in one click. Please visit  https://group.ask4key.com/ask4dbbackup-all/


Why Backups for Sage UBS 2015 is very important?

It is highly recommended for users of Sage UBS 2015 to make a regular backup, at least once a day. There is circumstances where by users' data might be corrupted in any case of disaster. With the backup that users have done a day before the disaster would be a big help to recover the data recorded for at least till the day before the disaster. Rather than, the user need to key-in all the data back from the beginning till up-to-date.

The steps to Backup the data is as following:

1) Click on Backup

File (Top Menu Bar) --> Backup and Restore --> Backup

2) Choose the location to backup the file --> Click on Backup button

The steps above are applied to perform the backup for both accounting and billing or inventory and billing.

Important Notes:

1) Create a folder for user to backup, so that easier for user to point to which folder need to the backup

2) Do not do the backups in the same folder again and again, as the recent backup will over right the old backups. Recommended to separate the folders based on date.

3) Highly recommended to do regular backup, at least once backup per day.