1. Open the Application.

2. Click OK button.

3. Click the Setup Tab.

4. Click OK button.

5. Setup Form will display. You need to fill some details.

6. Enter the Server Name. For default, the server name is localhost. This because this app is install on the server. The Password let be blank.

Click DB Connect button.

7. Tick the database that you want to select and do a scheduled backup.

8. Click the Browse button to select the directory to locate the Backup file location.

For example, I create new Folder "SAGE 50 Backup" in F drive --> F:\SAGE 50 Backup.

9. Select the DB Backup Time. There are two (2) options that you can select.

**The options depend on your data key in. If every day you do a key in, must select the Every Day Backup.

10. Set the Delete Backup File for auto-deleting the old ".zip" file for save the space on disk.

Every Day Backup --> the backup will run every day at 5.30 pm. Time can be set.

Weekly Backup --> the backup will run by weekly. For example, select 12/08/2016 and it Friday. Every Friday at 5.30 pm, the backup will run.



The PC must turn ON to run this application on time that you set. If the PC shutdown, the service of this application can't run this application for automatic backup for time that you have set.


11. Click the Save button to save the configuration.

12. Click OK button.

13. You also can do a direct backup by clicking the Backup button. It will do a backup directly.

14. The backup success and it saves to "F:\SAGE 50 Backup" folder

15. Now open the folder to check the backup file. The backup file will save as ".zip" file.

16. You can check the status by clicking the Status Tab. It will show the Database backup Started, Database Backup Stopped, and Next Backup Schedule.

There are also have the Backup button that can click to do a backup directly without wait the scheduled time.