Sage UBS 2015: GST Dashboard showing 0.00


Excellent Sdn Bhd is a GST registered company who need make monthly submission. So as usual the accountant want to generate GST 03 using the GST dashboard but somehow something when wrong, the GST dashboard shows 0.00 figure for input, output and total as the screenshot below:

Here is the solution for above problem:

1) Go to GST Setting

     Housekeeping --> Setup --> General Setup --> GST Setting Tab --> Click Taxable Period button

**Please make sure your GST Taxable Period/Category is correct

2) Change the first filing date to: 01/04/2015 --> Click on Re-Generate button

3) Click "OK" for below message box.

4) Click on Re-Generate button again

5) Click on Exit Button

6) Click on "OK" button for General Setup

    ***Please make sure your GST next filing date is correct before you proceed to click on "OK" button

7) Click on Refresh GST Dashboard and you can see the figure should be appeared back.


In some cases the figure will still not appeared, in that case please continue for the solution as below:

8) Go to GST 03 Verification

     Housekeeping --> GST 03 Verification --> Untick the boxes -> Click "Show Listing" button

The entries listed should be mapped with respective GST Taxable period, if it doesn't please click button the one highlighted in blue and mapped the taxable period. Once done all above click "Save Changes" and click on Refresh GST Dashboard. Now you should be able to see the figure appeared.