Steps to create General Ledger account or also known as chart of account:

1. Go to Accounts > Add an Account

2. Step to create New Account:

    a) Enter the name of General Ledger (GL) of Chart of Account (COA).

    b) Select Category options applicable.

  • Category for GL or COA is actually known as account type.
  • By default there are few account type created.
  • So, when you want to create GL or COA you need to categorized under which category the GL or COA is.

    c) For Default Tax Type:

  • You may also choose a specific tax code that commonly will be use for that particular of GL or COA (if any)

    d) Type Description:

  • You may key-in a longer description of the details of the GL or COA.

    e) Tick active, active indicate GL or COA is still being used by your company:

  • Tick on active box if the GL or COA currently still being used and,
  • Untick the box if the account is no longer being used anymore

    f) Key-in opening balance of the GL or COA (If any)

        * You can take it amount of opening balance from balance sheet last year.

3. You can also put notes for the general ledger maintenance as an internal note for your company about the account. 
  • You can add attachments by clicks pin button.
  • File may not exceed 2 MB and maximum of 5 attachments per note or transaction can be added 

4. After you complete the information, you may click on save button.