Steps to create Item Maintenance :

1. Go to Items > Add Item

2. Step to create item :

    a) Code

  • Code cannot be more than 100 characters.
  • Code can also be a short-form for description.

    b) Category (if any)

  • Category means group item.
    For example: Mobile Sdn Bhd have a two type of business which are selling hand-phones and supplying some maintenance services. So for the items which are the list of hand-phones models for example nokia, iphone, samsung and etc can be categorized under one category which is Hand-phones and for items which are covering the services for example maintenance service, repair service and etc can be categorized under one category call as Services.
  • To create category:

             Select category > Add New Category

             -Type description and click save button.

      c) Tick item type

  • Either physical or service.
  • This is compulsory, if you create a item for service and didn't tick the item type as service by default the system will take the item as stock.

      d) Tick active, active indicates the item is still being used by your company.

  • Tick on active box if the item still still being used
  • Untick the box if the item is no longer being used for purchase and supply.

      e) Key-in opening balance of item (If any)

  • You can take it amount of opening balance from balance sheet last year.

     3. Complete the following information.

       f) Enter the exclusive or inclusive selling prices.

  • Exclusive pricing means the price of item is excluded on GST amount
  • Inclusive pricing means the price of item is already including the GST amount
  • You may set either inclusive or exclusive price of the item by default.

      g) Enter unit of selling.

      h) Select the sales or purchases account from the fields available

  • You may choose the default account for sales and purchase for that particular item.

            Select Sales Account > Add Sale Account

            Select Purchase Account > Add Purchase Account

           - Type name and clicks save.

     i)  As soon as you enter your inclusive or exclusive amounts, Sage One Accounting will automatically work out the GP% as well as the GP Amount per item.

     j)  For Tax On Sales and Tax On Purchases Type you may select the tax code that commonly will be used for that particular item.

     k) For Major Industry code:

  • It is compulsory to tag in the major industry code for the items as the GST Output tax will be automatically calculated for you when you generate the GST Return


4. Under the Price List Tab you can set specific prices for each additional price list that you have set up.

  • To add additional price list you will need to add them under Company Settings.
  • Company Setting > General Setting > Item Setting

5. You can also put notes for the item maintenance as an internal note for your company about the item.

  • You can add attachments by clicks pin button.
  • File may not exceed 2 MB and maximum of 5 attachments per note or transaction can be added.

5. You can also create User Defined Fields in the Company Settings and you will see headings that you create at User Defined Fields tab. Enter the relevant details.

6. In the Picture tab, you can add a picture of the item. The picture will be saved on the Sage One Accounting Document Store. 

  • The supported file formats are .jpg, .tiff, .gif, .png, and .bmp.
  • Click on the Add Picture button to upload the picture.

7. After you complete all the information above you may click save button.