Below are the steps on how to create a supplier:

1. Go to Suppliers > Add Supplier

2. Step to create suppliers :

   a) Suppliename

  • SupplieName cannot be more than 100 characters


    b) Category (if any)

  • Category means group account supplier
    For example: Company ABC Sdn Bhd have a two type of business which is sales computer and service software. So  ABC Sdn Bhd can create two type of category for supplier the supplier list . For the supplier which Company ABC purchase the computers from can be categorized as Computer Purchase and for those suppliers who give consultancy service can be categorized as Services from Suppliers.
  • To create category:

             Select category > Add New Category

             -type description and clicks save.


     c) Key-in opening balance  of supplier (If any)

  • You can take it amount of opening balance from balance sheet last year.


     d) Tick active (For active supplier)

  • You can tick the box is the supplier is active which means that you are still dealing with the supplier
  • You can untick the box if the supplier has no longer business with you.


     e) Key in tax reference number (IF any)

  • It is compulsory to put in the GST ID of the supplier if the supplier is GST registered person.

    f) Tick Auto Allocate Payments to Oldest Invoice

  • This option is to allow the system to allocate payment automatically to the oldest invoice when you made the payment.


    g) Postal Address

  • Main office address.


    h) Delivery Address

  • If the address is similar to postal address you may click on copy postal address.


   i) Contact details

  • Complete the contact details.


  j) Default Setting

  • For Statement Distribution you can choose option to the statement for your suppliers.
  • For Default Tax Type, you may fix a specific tax code that you will use commonly for that particular supplier.
  • You can fix a Due Date for Payment for that particular supplier.

3. You can also add additional contact of the supplier.

  • To add contact click Additional Contacts tab.

 * To add click button (+)

   * To delete clicks button (-)

4. You can also key-in the relevant information for specific supplier banking details in Banking Details (if any)

5. You can also add in some notes about the supplier for internal use.

  • You can type in the notes under the column of note
  • You can add attachments by clicks pin button and the file should not be more that 2 MB and can have maximum up to 5 attachments per note.

6. You can also create the User Defined Fields at the Company Settings and you will see headings that you create at User Defined Fields tab. Enter the relevant details.

7.  You can also choose option of report type layouts that you prefer for the reports available below:

After you completing the information above you may click on save button.