Steps to create Customer Setup via Sage One:

1. Click on Add a Customer

     Customer (top menu bar) > Add Customer

2. Followed by:

   a) Customer name

  • Customer Name cannot be more than 100 characters.

    b) Category (if any)

  • Category means group of customer list.
    For example: Company ABC Sdn Bhd  running two type of business which are computer supply and service maintenance supply. So ABC Sdn Bhd can create two type of category for the customer. For the customer who purchase computers can be categorized as Computer Sales Customers and for those who are regular customers acquiring service maintenance can be categorized as Service Maintenance Customers. 
  • To create category:

             Select category > Add New Category

             -Type description and click save button.

     c) Tick if cash sale customer (If applicable)

  • Can tick the box if the customer by default made the purchase on cash basis.

     d) Key-in opening balance of customer (If any)

  • You can take it amount of opening balance from balance sheet last year.

     e) Tick active (For active customer)

  • Active customer indicate the customer is still dealing with your company
  • "Untick" the box if the customer is no longer your customer

     f) Key in tax reference number (If any)

  • You can put in GST ID  of the customer.

    g) Insert in sales rep (If any)

  • Sales representative can be any person who act as middle person of you and your company in dealing business.
  • To create sales rep:

            Select Sales Rep >  Add New Sales Rep


    h) Tick Auto Allocate Receipts to Oldest Invoice

  • This option is an automated function whereby when the customer made the payment for your sales made to them, it will automatically pickup the oldest invoice to be knock off before  the recent one.

    i) Postal Address

  • Main office address.

    j) Delivery Address

  • Location for your goods to be delivered.
  • If the address is same as postal address you may click on copy postal address.

   K) Contact details

  • Complete the contact details.


  l) Tick allow this customer to view invoices online (If you want)

  • This option can be ticked if you wish to send the invoices or quotation to be send online

  m) Default Setting

  • For Statement Distribution you can choose option on how you wish to send the statements (invoices, quotes and etc.) to your customer.
  • For Default Tax Type you may select the tax code that commonly will be used for that particular customer.
  • You may also set a fix due date payment for the particular customer

3. You can also add more contacts.
  • To add contact click Additional Contacts tab.

  • To add click button (+) button

  • To delete clicks button (-) button

4. You can also put notes for the customer maintenance as an internal note for your company about the customer.

  • You can add attachments by clicks pin button.
  • File may not exceed 2 MB and maximum of 5 attachments per note or transaction can be added.

5. You can also create User Defined Fields in the Company Settings and you will see headings that you create at User Defined Fields tab. Enter the relevant details.


6.  You can also change the report layout option for the following report based on how you prefer.

7. After you complementing all the information. clicks save.