Example of Scenario:

I want to record Sales amounting RM1,060 as a journal entry.

How to record it?

1. We cannot record sales and purchase as journal entries in Process Journal Entries. This is because we cannot select any debtor nor creditor.

2. We can record it in Customer Tax Invoices or Supplier Invoices. In the above scenario, we will do it in Customer Tax Invoices.

3. Below is the entry screen for Customer Tax Invoice.

4. Select Customer and update Document No. We advise you use different document number if you want to treat it as journal entries. In this example, we change it to JV-00014.

5. Go to Type column. Change it from Item to Account.

6. Go to Selection column. Select the appropriate account.

7. Update the relevant colum e.g. price and click Save.

Note: When you want to issue invoice, make sure you update the Document No as per your running invoice number.