Configure Authentication Configuration inside Zscaler Authentication Settings to use Ask4key Authentication Service .

Click the The Authentication settings the window will pop up for Authentication setting purpose. The two Tab Menu Display inside Authentication Settings.

Then Choose the Authentication Profile tab menu.  (please see the image screen shot) 

Inside of the Authentication profile choose the Configure SAML and click the link, it will show the window based on the SAML configuration screen.



          After SAML  Configuration click the Window will open (as following) 




1). Identity Provider (IDP) Options (REQUIRED) 


 (a) SAML Portal URL  - To setup the Identity Provider options of  SAML Portal Url, this one  we can setup the SAML Sever URL  in this column. Please insert the URL that Ask4key provide to you (based on region) 


 (b)  Login Name Attribute -  Just  Setup the Login Name Attribute  set  "LoginID"

 (c) Public SSL certificate - This is public SSL Certificate of Ask4key that  we can upload the SAML Server Certificate  to this Path. For Security Purpose the Zscaler Need. Please see the following screenshot


2).Service Provider(SP):


 NO configuration required for these fields. 


3).Auto-Provisioning Options (REQUIRED) 


1. Enable SAML,Auto provisioning to activate to enable.

2. User  Display Name Attribute  set  “ DisplayName

3.  Group Name Attribute set ”GroupName

4. Department Name Attribute set ” DepartmentName