Some users often do bundle sales to the customers and give them discount for some reasons such as an encouragement for them to keep on buying from them,  to help the customers to bring up their business and etc.

For example the scenario is:

Baron Enterprise purchase notebook in bundle with the quantity of 30 with the total amount of RM 30,000 exclusive of GST 6%. Due to the bundle purchase the user gave him a discount of RM 500.

In sage one, the bundle sales with discount under one tax invoice can be applied. Below are the steps to do the bundle sales with discount for above scenario:

(1) Create an General Ledger account of discount for bundle sales.

     Accounts (top menu bar) --> Add an account


(2) Create a tax invoice for Baron Enterprise

     Customer (Top menu bar) --> Transactions --> Customer Tax Invoice --> Add a Tax Invoice

     (a) Choose the customer

     (b) The first line Choose the item (for above scenario 30 notebooks with RM1,000 each)

     (c) The second line choose the type as account and the select the General Ledger account of discount for bundle, then key-in the amount of negative RM 500

Based on the above scenario and steps done, the outcome of the tax invoice should be: