Accountant of Excellent Sdn Bhd has key-in an invoice of RM 3,180 and done the posting record to accounting. Later the accountant realize that the amount of the invoice should be RM4,240

Now, the accountant need to un-post back the invoice record and need to the amendment on the amount of invoice and re-post back to accounting.

Steps to Un-post the record of sales invoices:

(1) Go to the post to accounting window and click on un-post button.

     (Periodic --> Post to accounting)

(2) Choose the Transaction type which in above scenario is Invoice, then select the bill, it can be filtered based on Period, date or Reference number. It is recommended to select the bill using reference number to be more accurate. Then, press on OK button.

(3) Once clicked on OK button for (3), user now can go back to the invoice, click on body button and make the amendment. As for the above scenario, the accountant need to amend the invoice to RM 4240.

Steps to Re-post the transaction:

(4) Click on Repost button

(5) User need to select the transaction before do the posting and recommended to preview the changes that will be made in accounting before post the transaction.

(6) Once user are confident and satisfied with the changes, user can click on post button.

(7) The accounting side will override the previous record with the new record once user has click on confirm button.