Previously, Excellent Sdn Bhd had made a purchase of RM3180 from a supplier which is S-Eva (Kedah) and invoice number is PI003.

Now Excellent Sdn Bhd make the full payment to S-Eva (Kedah) and when the payment is made, the invoice (PI003) need to be knock off.

Through Transaction File Maintenance (TFM), the payment can be done using add method or quick method.

For the above scenario, the steps below will be shown using add method.

The steps of how to the payment and knock off the invoice are as follows:

(1) The double entries of payment:

      Dr S-Eva (Kedah)      3180

               Cr Bank                   3180

     (Refer to the screenshot below)

(2) Once done the above entries, click on "save" button, then " Accept" button"

     (Refer to the screenshot below)

(3) Once click on "Accept" button, Creditor - Knock Off Bills will be popping out.

     This window is the one will be used to knock off the invoice that is payment made for.

     (Refer to the screenshot below)

(4) Press on "Enter" button at the keyboard to drill down the list of payment made and also invoices still owing to the particular supplier.

     (Refer to the screenshot below)

(5) First double click on the payment amount which is the positive amount and click on "save" button

     (Refer to the screenshot below)

(6) Next, double click on the invoice amount which is the negative figure and click on "save" button

     (Refer to the screenshot below)

(7) Final steps is click on "Accept" button to knock off the invoice with the payment made.

     (Refer to the screenshot below)

The above invoice (PI003) is now already being knock of with the payment made (OR333)