Please note that we offer auto daily or weekly backup application for SAGE UBS Accounting, Billing & Inventory and Payroll. Multiple companies data can be scheduled for backup in one click. Please visit  https://group.ask4key.com/ask4dbbackup-all/


#You can apply this on server or client. 

1. Login to Sage UBS.

2.Open Company

Let say , I open "Example Company Sdn Bhd".

Here I want to backup Accounting data, so I hit on Accounting.

Now go to to upper left corner ,click on File > Backup And Restore > Backup.

This window will come out. So now select where you want to save your backup file by click on "Select Diskette Drive".


In my case,I put my backup file in C:\Users\Ask4key\Desktop\UBS!\

Hit "Backup" button.

Hit "yes".

 Done. Backup Completed. 

So , here is my backup file. (NOTE: .ACC mean that is accounting data, If .STK, it mean Inventory & billing data.)


Do same step to backup "Billing" data.