This knowledge base will teach you on how to connect local printer to AWS windows instance.

First of all, please make sure your local printer is working with you PC/Laptop as well as checking the Printer Driver.

And then, open the RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) client in your PC/Laptop.

After you have entered the addressed click on the    at the Bottom Left.

Then the setting will shows up (image Below). Navigate to Local Resources tab and make sure the Printers option is ticked.

Click on the More button and tick the Ports. (image below)

Click OK and then connect to the address.

In the AWS windows instance, Go to Control panel > Hardware > Devices and Printers > Add printer. (image below)

At the next windows, please choose the "Add a local or network printer as an administrator" (image below)

And then the next windows will try to search for the local printer. Skip it with hitting the Next button.

After that, this windows will appear (image below) Choose "add a local printer or network with manual setting" and click next.

At the Port setting (image below), click on the drop down menu and choose your Local PC/Laptop Port. (You can identify it by the computer name) 

At the next windows it will ask you for the printer driver. Choose the printer manufacturer and find the model. If you can't find the model, download it from any sources and install it first. You should now see the model and choose it. (Click HERE for OKI C310/C510/C511 drivers)

Also please make sure the exact driver is installed in the Local PC/Laptop (eventhough there is already a printer driver). This will allow the AWS windows instance to communicate with the printer. 

When the Setup is done, you may proceed to test it. 

If a pop up message appear as "Could Not Connect to Printer Port" just click on Yes. The printer will print your Documents.