Company has delivered the goods to customer. After 21 days, company still not issue any invoice to the customer.

Important reminder:

System will calculate the output tax based on DO date by using

1. Selling price in Sales Order, or

2. Latest unit cost for the item.

How it works:

1. Go to Control Panel > Settings > Accounting Setting > GST/VAT Settings and do mapping for Un-invoiced Delivery Order section

* You may need to create two additional accounts; Invoice To Be Issued and Accrued Debtors before do the mapping*

2. Key in the DO.

3. Go to GST Dashboard > Generate GST Return. At second page, a message will prompt out when we click next. Click Yes and it will calculate the tax amount for that particular DO.

4. Go to Maintenance > GL Accounts > Accrued Debtor

To avoid double output tax calculation:

1. When issue Sales Invoice, make sure to tie it to the relevant DO.

2. System will make adjustment entries.