Payment for Imported Service via Transaction File Maintenance.

For example the scenario is: 

Excellent Sdn Bhd obtain imported services at USD 3000 and the currency rate is 3.60000.

Now, Excellent Sdn Bhd decided to pay the Imported Services at USD 3000 at the currency rate of 4.0000. The payment done at Transaction File Maintenance using quick method.

The steps are as following:

1) First choose the master account as bank account and choose the bank batch.

2) Key in total payment made to Supplier of USD 3000 with the currency rate of 4.0000, type in the currency and the currency amount. Fill up the details of payment which are Pay To, Pay For and Cheque No. (optional).  Then click on save button.

3) Once clicked on save, Creditor - Knock Off Bills will be popping out as the screenshot below. Once this window popped out, press on enter button to drill down the payment list and invoices owing list to the particular supplier.

Please tick button Import Service and Untick Foreign Currency Bills

4) Using this window, user need to knock off the invoice with the payment made.  

      Steps for the knock off part are as follows:

           (a) Double click on the positive amount (refer to screenshot below), which is the payment amount made. Then click save:

           (b) Then, double click on the negative amount (refer to the screenshot below) which is the amount of invoice, Then click on save button.

           (c) Final step is click on Accept button.

Once you click button Accept it will appear as below.

The outcome:

Now, the user should be able to see the entries with four lines which are:

         Dr S-Denise (oversea)           12000

                  Cr Bank                                         12000

         Dr GST Input Tax (TX)               720

                  Cr GST Output Tax (DS)                    720

Please refer to the screenshot below: