Scenario: Key In Invoice from Frieght forwarder with disbursement items  

(a) Supplier send a Invoice to you (GADING LIMITED) at  USD 10,000

(b) Freight forwarder send you  invoices (i.e. Freight service and also Import GST pay on behalf) ;

**You also must have  K1 form from Customs for Record Keeping.

Entering the Transactions through SAGE UBS BILLING  

(a) for the Supplier Invoice 

(i) Create Supplier/creditor as Foreign currency 

(ii) Key in supplier Invoice as Foreign currency Invoice (in Sage UBS Billing) 

* This is same transactions as normal supplier invoices

(b) for the Freight forwarder invoices 

(i) There are 3 items that need to be captured  i.e. Freight services, GST input tax (freight service)  and also Import GST that paid on behalf by the freight forwarder. 

(ii) Create item for Freight Services as TX (Input tax claimable) and G/L is tied to Purchase 

(iii) Create item for disbursement item i.e.  Import GST - Tax code is OP (Out of scope purchase) and G/L is tied to GST Suspense (i.e. 4830/000) 

(iii) Create supplier invoices as per Freight forwarder 

(iv) Post Invoices from Freight forwarder  to Accounting 

(c) Important Steps : Need to use ensure GST INPUT TAX is captured by 

Here is the screenshot for first transaction (GST Input Tax, Tax code -IM and Taxable purchase) 

Second Transaction - Credit The GST Suspense

Accept this Transaction and Exit this transactions 

(d) Now review Malaysia Tax Report