Sage UBS Billing 


When use Sage UBS Billing that has more than 6 digits (e.g 10,000.00 ) in the invoice, the print out might show *********** in tax amount fields that it cannot accomodate the full string. 


When print the invoice , click preview 

2) Then Click save as following screenshot (Notice the filename *.frx) 

3) Then exit this and click on setting

4) Select the file that you saved 

5) Then select the taxamt_bil field 

6) Once you click on the Ictran.taxamt_bil --> you can see the number of digit is only in thousand. Extend  with additional at least "99" (i.e. 999,999.99)

7) remember to save the file and exit 

8) then click preview and you will be able to print tax amount in the tax invoice